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I'm a Hämeenlinna, Finland based artist, specializing in black and white graphics and other kinds of custom illustrations. I strongly believe that I have the right blend of practical skills and determination to create beautiful and realistic artworks and made to order designs. 
All prints are created from an original hand-drawn illustration and digitized and edited after. Printed on high-quality semi matte paper Citylight 1320, 150g/m2.


In 2017 I took an Interior Design course at the Oulu Academy. Currently I'm focusing on interior design and visualization. On this Instagram account, @upbeatgraphics, you can follow my new design projects and interior hand-rendering visualizations.

Please feel free to get in touch with me here to discuss your custom artwork or interior design ideas. If you would like to speak to me sooner, please write to me direct at upbeatgraphics@gmail.com.


Interior sketches

There are a lot of possibilities to show interior design ideas: photographs or pictures from the Internet; illustrations and collages. However, it's way more fascinating to use manual graphics/hand-drawn sketches nowadays. Quick hand rendering sketches are the best way to demonstrate the effectiveness of submitting material or space. This orientation is now highly valued around the world. Besides, why not frame the sketch to make an interesting addition to the space that you've designed and decorated?



My sketches are hand-drawn visualizations of rooms executed to an exact scale. To draw them, I’m going to need the following information:

  • Floor plans of the rooms with all the dimensions.

  • The arrangement of furniture and lightning.

  • A collage with the selected finishing materials and all the furniture, lighting and decorations.

  • Prepayment.

  • I draw a draft and then we make an agreement on a sketch. Finally, I draw a beautiful sketch. 

  • The second half of the payment. 

  • If changes are made (furniture, materials ...) after the sketch is already colored, an additional fee is required. Of course, this is only if you want to get a new sketch.

If you have a floor plan of the room, but are unsure how everything should be laid out, then you need a consultation. Sketchers should not solve a problem of the designer. Nevertheless, I will be able to offer options for decorating the room and provide links to all the interior items. That's when, according to the agreed options for a collage, it's time to draw a sketch.

Who needs a sketch?


If you do not plan to order a project, but want to see your future room / shop / office.

Interior designers…

For those who do not do hand drawn sketches themselves, but wish to offer customers manual visualizations.

Decorators, textile designers, event companies…

A great way to effectively present their solutions to customers.

Manufacturers of furniture and interior items.


For inspiration! If you also want to learn how to style and  present your thoughts and ideas.

These prints are created from an original hand-drawn illustration and digitized and edited after. Printed on high-quality semi matte paper Citylight 1320, 150g/m2 in 30x40cm size.

Art within Art

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